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Rotation Schedule

Heavy Rotation: 4-6 plays per day

Medium Rotation: 2-3 plays per day

Light Rotation: once every 18-20 hours

Promote your music with us!

If your music is selected for rotation, we ask that you purchase at least one of our promotional options. Getting airplay is important to introduce your music to our listeners, subscribers and visitors to our station. Artist should also consider advertising, marketing and promotion to generate sales and bookings. If your music is included in our rotation, we will let you know. Otherwise, we’re not able to provide other feedback unless asked specifically.

We get a lot of submissions. It can take some time for your music to make it on the playlist, so thanks in advance for your patience. If it does not make it, that’s no reflection at all on your music. For more detail call 864-337-1523

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Promote your music with us!

     Your music is good but it needs everyone else to know it.

  • Get your music heard on major radio stations, internet radio and social sites.

  • Get your music in front of A&Rs of independent and major record labels.

  • Promote your album for more sales.                                                            

                                             If you are tired of ;

  • Trying to find hundreds of contacts and emailing them

  • Sending your music to contacts and never hearing back

  • Not getting recognition for your talent


                        We are here to help you get the exposure you need.

  • We pull strings to get your music in front of those radio stations that will play your music

  • We get your music in the hands of the executives of labels that are looking for new artist

  • We promote your music independently so you can generate sales on your own

If you would like to learn how we can help you promote your music, contact us!